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  • Professionalism & Global Mindset

    Applicants who are basically ready for the professional jobs, not afraid of failure and promote project actively. Should possess cross-cultural understanding and respect for diversity

  • Creativity

    Applicants who always look at problem from a new perspective and apply creative ideas and practices to the actual projects

  • Collaboration

    Applicants who know how to respect each other and are fully responsible for team’s duties with passion and creative ideas

Advances in HR

1) Salary basic structure

  • Basic annual salary
  • Performance bonus

2) Position System

Minimize the hierarchy to create an autonomous and horizontal organizational culture

  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Team Leader


  • Insurance

  • Meals included

  • Medical Benefit

    Annual Medical Check

  • Support for Child Entrance Gift

  • Dormitory & Commuter Bus

  • Family Celebrating Gift

  • Celebrating Gift

  • 4 Social Insurances

  • Medical Benefit


Recruitment Result