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Be a global leading engineering company in mobility industry


To lead the world with technical core competencies in power train of ICE, EV and mobility service


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  • High-abrasion resistant copper alloy (Patent 1557726)

  • CFRP: Synchronizer ring friction material (Patent 120050442588)


  • IATF 16949

  • ISO 14001

  • OHSAS 18001

Own study (Thesis)

Development of Steel Stamping Synchronizer Ring for Use in DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) [KSPE 2019 Spring Conference]

A Study on the Development of Steel Stamping Synchronizer Ring for Cost-saving [KSPE 2018 Spring Conference]

Development of Steel Synchronizer Ring Using SBMF Method [2018 Forging Symposium]

Frictional Properties of Carbon Fabric-Reinforced Phenolic Matrix Composites Added with MWCNT [2017 Korean Carbon Society Spring Conference]

Effect of Dilution Ratio of Phenolic Resin on the Wet Frictional Properties of Carbon Fabric Reinforced Composites [2017 Spring Composite Materials Conference]

Effect of phenolic resin viscosity on the mechanical and wet-frictional properties of carbon fiber reinforced phenolic composites

Effects of MWCNT on the Frictional and Mechanical Properties of Single-plied Carbon Fabric/Phenolic Composites

Fabrication of Carbon Fabric/Phenolic Composite Based Wet-frictional Materials and Characteristics of the Composites According to Compression Molding Temperature [ 2016 Spring Society of Automotive Engineers in Korea]

Development of Steel Synchronizer Ring for Manual Transmission applied SBMF Method [ 2016 Spring Conference ]

Development of Synchronizer Ring for Automobile Transmission using Sheet Metal Stamping Method with Bulk Metal Forming [ 2016 Forging Symposium ]

R&D Performance History

Development of Next Generation Bipolar Plate for FCEV using Laser Welding Technology (2020)

Development of Steel Synchronizer Ring using SBMF(Sheet Bulk Metal Forming) Method (2019)

Development of Wet Friction Material based Fabric Carbon for Automobile Transmission (2016)

Development of Triple Cone Synchronizer Unit for DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission)(2015)

Development of Low-Friction, Ultra-Wear Resistance Material and Manufacturing Technology for Medium & Large Size End Bearing (2008)

Development of Manufacturing Technology for Bulk Amorphous Hollowness Parts (2006)

Development of Copper Alloy Material for Piston Bush (2006)